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So I am guilty of not posting in a while, but a I am going to try to post more regularly, I promise :) 

Some updates: 

  1. I got promoted ! I am now a Service Assistant Coordinator in Bohn Hall! No more overnights! 
  2. I am going to be doing some research this fall !
  3. I have my own pokey!

I am just about to finish my summer classes tonight and start Fall Training for work on Monday.  

Things have been going better and I cannot wait for this year to start. I also have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in 2 weeks.  I have 4 wisdom teeth and two supernumerary teeth.  I will try to post a picture of all this when it happens. I may be moving my blog over permanently to my Wordpress Blog. 

Gotta go! 

Games I Cannot Wait For !

Final Fantasy XIV

The Sims 4

Elder Scrolls Online

Hometown Story (someone please buy me a 3DS :) )